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Craft Drinks Producer ‘Calyx Drinks’ Hits the Shelves!

  After gaining a Microbiology Degree and a Master’s in Food Quality Management and subsequently a 10-year career in Food Safety and Technology, Raphael identified a gap in the soft drinks market. He grew up drinking his mother’s homemade hibiscus drinks which inspired a fascination with creating drinks from flowers using traditional methods. With encouragement […]

Calyx founder Raphael Ogunrinde is drinking in the success of his Burnley business, as Emma Mayoh discovered

‘I can remember my hands, stained red with hibiscus flowers,’ recalled Raphael Ogunrinde of his childhood in Nigeria. ‘I used to collect them with my mum and turn them into drinks. It would take several days for the red to wear off. And then we’d do it all over again. It was great.’ Those days […]

Burnley Social Feature – Three Magical Uses For Hibiscus

When Raphael Ogunrinde was growing up in Nigeria, one vivid memory he has is collecting hibiscus flowers to make his favourite rich, vibrant drink with him mum; a drink that was always on tap whenever his family came to visit, or Christmas rolled around. Fast forward several years and, when Raphael moved to England to […]