From July 2019, the shelves of John Lewis & Partners Foodhall, Oxford Street, London will be stacked with three hand-picked craft brewed Calyx soft drinks.

The Oxford Street store is situated on Europe’s busiest shopping street with around half a million daily visitors. The John Lewis & Partners Oxford Street location is also its first dating back to 1864 and the Calyx Drinks family is proud to now be a part of that history.

Calyx Drinks Founder & Director Raphael Ogunrinde (pictured above) also commented on this milestone “Flaming June! It’s hard to top a business-founding anniversary and product launch in a prestigious British store chain in the same month.

John Lewis & Partners are welcoming three of our handcrafted soft drinks into their Oxford Street department store; Calyx Wild, Calyx Zobo and Calyx Blush. These three drinks where lovingly craft brewed from flowers and all natural ingredients.

Head of Sales Suzi Wynne (pictured above) commented optimistically As a new brand it’s a great stepping stone to launch into John Lewis; where there is a customer base who engage with new brands and love trying new foods and drinks.”

The selection is set to launch in July 2019.

Introducing the Oxford Street selection.

Here’s what you will find inside John Lewis & Partners, Oxford Street

Calyx Zobo

Hypnotise your taste buds! Our authentic West African fruit and flower fuelled recipe is made using traditional methods and blends delicious white grape with hibiscus flower and four ferociously fiery natural spices. Made with Nutralight natural sweetener.

Calyx Wild

Quench your thirst for adventure, with the thrilling taste of Calyx Wild, our original fruit and flower drink. A delicious and intriguingly moreish, beautifully balanced blend of red hibiscus flower, not from concentrate apple juice and ginger.

Calyx Blush

Put some colour in your cheeks! A luscious and uplifting medley of culinary lavender flowers and delicious natural strawberry, with a refreshing twist of lemon juice and warm cinnamon spice.

What to expect at the John Lewis & Partners Foodhall Oxford Street Launch Event

Our launch event in June 2019 will feature exciting new ways for you to interact with your favourite craft brewed soft drink!

Exclusive giveaways

With our launch day giveaway, you will get a chance to win a bottle of Calyx Wild, Zobo or Blush. Entering is simple: just tag @calyxdrinks in your Instagram post or story and add the location John Lewis & Partners Oxford Street. We will be picking winners all week!

Free mocktail tasting sessions

Get a taste while it lasts! We will be in store and sample some of our latest Calyx mocktail creations during our launch period. Due to previous popularity, we cannot guarantee availability!

See the new Calyx mocktail recipes before anyone else!  

We are also giving John Lewis & Partners Oxford Street customers a first look at our all new Calyx mocktail recipe cards. Exclusive brochures containing the cards amongst other delicious information will be available to take home while they last!