Our Mission

For Calyx to be a recognised lifestyle brand and the soft drink of choice for consumers who want to protect their wellbeing but won’t compromise on taste.

Our customers say…
“It reminds me of the festive season, just like mulled wine at Christmas except without the alcohol of course.”

Organic Botanicals

We create refreshing, healthy drinks using herbs, flowers and spices containing phytonutrients and antioxidants.


Looking after the environment is important to us. To contribute to a cleaner planet, we have used glass bottles which can be recycled.


All our drinks are 100% natural, free from preservatives and artificial colourings and are vegan approved to make people feel better in the most natural way possible.


Nigerian Zobo (hibiscus flower) is a drink Raphael’s mother used to prepare in their homeland of Nigeria; this was the inspiration behind Calyx Drinks. This ignited our passion for including flowers, natural botanicals, and spices in our drinks.

It was New Year’s Eve when a friend suggested to Raphael that he sell the drinks he had been making at home. With a degree in Microbiology and Brewing, a Master’s in Food Quality Management along with 12 years’ experience in the food and drink industry, Raphael set about creating Calyx Drinks. Production started in Raphael’s kitchen in Manchester, brewing the hibiscus on the stove and peeling mountains of ginger by hand.

“We derive our name from the ‘calyx’ of a flower which is the green outer whorl of a bud that encloses the petals to form a protective layer around the bloom.”

– Raphael Ogunrinde, Founder & CEO of Calyx Drinks

He moved production to the NOW Food Centre at The University of Chester to seek the support of business advisors who could help him launch Calyx Drinks. However, he was keen to move to Lancashire and initially set up in Preston.

Today, to keep up with demand, Raphael runs his own small factory in Burnley. He is creating those same drinks he grew up on as well using dried flowers, blending them with other fruits and spices.

People will choose Calyx Drinks to enhance significant moments throughout their day because they know each drink will be enjoyable and good for their overall wellbeing.


Original Flavors

Herbs, Spices & Flowers

Our Story

Over the Years



  • Calyx Drinks was founded by Raphael Ogunrinde after a few friends and colleagues suggested he sell his refreshing homemade drinks.

Product Development

  • NoWFOOD Centre at the University of Chester helped launch the first commercial Calyx Drinks products – Wild and Shine.

Research & Development

  • Learned about the symbolism, cultural values and health benefits of flowers, fruits and spices in drinks.


  • Demand for our products grew so we scaled up and moved into our own factory located in Burnley, Lancashire.

SALSA Approved

  • Our manufacturing site became SALSA approved certifying our commitment to product quality, supplier verification, local sourcing and staff wellbeing.

John Lewis

  • Calyx Drinks launched in John Lewis, Oxford Street, London.


  • Calyx Drinks launched in Ades, the biggest African retail chain in the UK.


  • Calyx Drinks launched in 28 Booths stores across the North West of England.

TK Maxx

  • Calyx Drinks launched in TK Maxx store across the United Kingdom.

Onwards & Upwards

  • Calyx Drinks continues to grow, being sold in over 200 locations all over the world.

Our Achievements

Awards & Accreditations